The four or five week flood of TV on DVD product starts now.

First, the DVD picks:

Now, the Blu-Ray picks:

Finally, the picks of the week. Alex says, “Well, I’m supposed to pick something I’ve seen already, so as much as I’d like to choose Five Deadly Venoms, it would be bad of me to do so. So, if you’ve got Blu-Ray, I’d reccomend Kagemusha instead. The Criterion Collection does an excellent job on just about everything, and this should be no exception. Besides, this is the movie that got me interested in Kurosawa and the Sengoku period of Japanese history. Not Seven Samurai. Not Yojimbo. Not Sanjuro. Kagemusha. Though, I’m hoping that we those other Kurosawa movies join Kagemusha on Blu-Ray.” Blaine says, “I haven’t seen either of this week’s Criterion releases yet, so I’m going with The Last Starfighter. It’s not great, but it’s entertaining and a good summer flick. The alternative is to save up for the flood of TV titles coming, the bulk of which hit August 25 and September 1.”