5 replies on “Trailer Park Tuesday – August 25, 2009”

  1. Despite all the Internet hate for Avatar, I’m still looking forward to that one.

    Because Cameron has yet to fail me.

    • There’s internet hate? The sites I frequent can’t stop talking about it, it’s highly anticipated.

      M. Night’s take on Avatar the Last Airbender on the other hand…

    • That doesn’t sound like hate, J_W_W. More a re-evaluation of the movie based on the preview, after months of hype suggested quite a different movie.

      If anyone’s interested, Matt London discusses the sneak preview in more detail at Tor.com, so you can get your own idea of what people are talking about.

      Me, I’d never heard of Avatar before watching the trailer here. It took a while before I figured out it wasn’t a World of Warcraft movie — which is consistent with Martin Anderson’s evaluation that this is a fantasy movie disguised as science fiction. Which is fine; I think we need more high-budget fantasy movies. :) As for whether it’s any good, the fact that the hype seems to focus on Cameron’s Titanic rather than, say, Aliens is probably as much about the target audience as it is about Titanic’s sheer popularity. (Otherwise I’d expect to see a lot more of “From the creator of Titanic and Aliens” or something similar.) It looks aimed squarely at teens, down to the yahoo of a protagonist.

  2. Anyone know anything more about Inception? Just watched the trailer. Again, I know nothing about it, but I’m getting a strong Dark City vibe, and it looks pretty cool.

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