What does the fall hold, other than Monday Night Football? I’ve got your scoop right here…

ABC: “Dinotopia” is pretty much it. Thursdays, against the seemingly-indestructible (and disturbingly long-lived) “Friends.” I wonder what they would’ve done if the miniseries had flopped, since they must
have had this in production for a while already.

CBS: You’re kidding, right?

FOX: “The X-Files,” of course, is gone, and Fox is planning to turn Sundays into a comedy-fest. “Dark Angel” gets the boot as well. The only genre shows on their new fall schedules are

(which is pretty much on borrowed time, Sundays at 7/6c) and Firefly (that’s not an official site, but it’s the best I could do),
from “Buffy” creator Joss Whedon. But it’s slated for the Friday Night Time Slot o’ Death (8/7c).

NBC: Right now, NBC executives are making sacrifices to their dark lords in thanks that they got to keep “Friends” around for another year. You think they’ve got time to put good SF on the schedule? Hell, they’re probably working on an all-Friends cable network even as we speak. (Seriously, pretty much nothin’ here.)

There’s still a refuge for genre TV, even if it’s on a network I don’t get to watch. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is still on Tuesdays, along with new series “Haunted,” starring Matthew Fox as a psychic private detective. And Wednesdays still have “Enterprise,” and another reincarnation of “The Twilight Zone,” hosted by Forest Whitaker

Ghost Dog
). (Ghost Dog isn’t genre, but it’s darn cool. Trust me on this.)

“Smallville” got picked up for another year. “Charmed” moves to Sundays, as does “Angel”, probably making a grab at all those misplaced viewers wondering what happened to “The X-Files.” (Or something.) I’m not sure whether to count “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” honestly.