Trek News: Online Convention & Nemesis Preview

Online Convention

It’s bad enough Star Trek fans don’t get out in public very often, but Viacom has found a new way to compound the problem: Online Conventions. Using real-time video streaming and 3D avatars, fans from around the world will be able to attend Vir-Con 2002. For more details check out

Nemesis Preview at E3

Star Trek fans attending E3 this year (May 22-24) will be in for a special treat. According to Paramount & Activision will be distributing free CD-ROMs with Star Trek: Nemesis material on it. No details as to what that material may include.

Just a mere mortal with no connection to the game industry? Don’t panic. Paramount will be passing out the discs at Star Trek conventions throughout the summer and autumn.

Nemesis opens in the US Theaters Friday, December 13th. That’s right kids, Friday the 13th. Get it out of your system now.