Stargate Universe Discussion: “Air, Part 3”

When last we left our intrepid heroes, they were stranded several galaxies away, and about to walk through a suspiciously familiar circle thing. This week, there’s an awful lot of sand and a few creepy visions. What say you about the last part of the pilot?

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    • If we’re thinking of the same thing it looked to me like one of the shuttles undocked and flew off under its own power. Also any bets on swirly thing being one of the ancients[/spoilers]?

  1. Did I miss something, or did they completely fail to address what happened to the guys that went through to the other planet?

    After all, it’s not exactly like they can just come back and deal with it later – at least not easily

    • My guess is that since Eli was trying to hail them on the radio but got no reply and was also holding the gate dialling panel, we’re supposed to think that they got left behind and were probably already dead.

    • Given the massive style difference between this and traditional Stargate series, I suspect it’s going to come up later BSG-style, and they’ll pop in saying “oh, we’re fine, we found this paradise, but it turned to dust, so we’re back” followed by an entire episode of flashbacks.

    • No, they addressed it: They can’t control the ship, and the others didn’t/couldn’t come back.

  2. ok, we assume the planet the 2 people went to is bad in some way and that’s why rush didn’t want them to go. and at the end that was one of the shuttles that took off. but who knows when we will find out about what happened. it leads us to believe someone left the ship or they weren’t/aren’t alone on this VERY BIG ship. hmmm…

    • We don’t have to assume so much, since they told us the ship had locked those addresses out as a valid destination – ie, the ship was saying “don’t go” – and Rush assumed it knew more than he did.

      As for the thing leaving at the end, the producers said that it wasn’t a shuttle

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