Enterprise: Two Days and Two Nights

I don’t blame Phlox for going crazy, I act the same way every morning before my Dr. Pepper fix.

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Days and Two Nights


Cast & Crew

Director: Michael Dorn
Story By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
Screenplay By: Chris Black
Teleplay By: Chris Black

Scott Bakula as Captain
Jonathan Archer
Connor Trinneer as Chief
Engineer Charles Tucker III
Jolene Blalock as Sub-commander
Dominic Keating as Lt.
Malcolm Reed
Anthony Montgomery
as Ensign Travis Mayweather
Linda Park as Ensign Hoshi
John Billingsley
as Dr. Phlox

Guest Cast
Kellie Waymire as Elizabeth Cutler
Dennis Cockrum as Freebus
Geoff Meed as Dee’Ahn Male
Rudolf Martin as Ravis
DonnaMarie Recco as Dee’Ahn Female
Stephen Wozniak as Latia Male
Joseph Will as Rostov
James Ingersoll as Risan Man
Dey Young as Keyla
Jennifer Williams as Alien Woman

Airdate Information

Originally Aired: May 15, 2002
Season: One
Episode: Twenty-five

Shuttlepod OneWhat

Note: This episode contained multiple plot lines, so I’ll just recap each instead
of drawing out the whole episode.

The crew draws lots to see who goes down to Risa. Among the lucky: Capt. Archer,
Trip, Reed, Mayweather, and Sato. T’Pol remains aboard, while Phlox enters a
48 hour hibernation state.

Hoshi Learns a New Tongue
Hoshi, whose penchant for learning new languages, catches the eye of a mysterious
stranger (Ravis), with a language the likes of which Hoshi’s never heard before.
She soon falls for him while learning his language and they end up doing the
horizontal mambo.

Trip & Reed: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
Not fairing nearly as well as Hoshi, the engineer and tactical officer find
themselves overstating their position on Enterprise, while trying to
impress two exotic women. What they don’t realize is that they aren’t women,
and what’s worse, thieves. Trip and Reed escape with their lives…and their

Dr. Phlox and the Wrong Side of the Bed
Mayweather takes a fall doing some rock climbing. After being treated at a Risan
hospital, he develops an allergic reaction and returns to the ship. Keyla, filling
in for Phlox, is unable to treat the helmsman and is afraid he will go into
shock. T’Pol orders Phlox revived, but with some very odd results. Disoriented
and confused, Phlox still manages to fix Mayweather up and heads back to hibernation.

Archer’s New Friend
Archer meets a woman on the beach, Keyla, and the two become fast friends. She
seems friendly, but sad. Delving into this mystery, he discovers Keyla has lost
her family and friends to the Cabal. She begins to prod Archer for information
regarding the aliens. Becoming suspicious, he sends a DNA scan to T’Pol for
analysis. It seems Keyla isn’t who she claims to be. She’s a Tendaran spy, sent
to extract what Col. Grat could not. She knocks him out and flees.


This was fun, but predictable. It was nice to see Hoshi loosening up, Trip
and Reed falling flat on their faces, and actually giving Phlox some screen
time. The main plot with Archer seemed way too easy to solve. Pretty girl, a
dog, and a history with the Suliban. Hmmm.

It seemed the writers were trying to cram too much into an hour. No one plot
line got the right amount of time.

High Point

I found most of the slapstick with Phlox funny, but only to a point.

Low Point

Two beautiful women sitting there, listening intently to your boring life story
doesn’t make you wonder about their real intentions? Come on boys.

The Scores

Originality: It’s the first time an entire crew has gone to Risa, not just
one or two characters, but it’s still just another Risa episode. 3

Effects: Hardly anything. 2

Story: Predictable, but funny in places. 3

Acting: The guest cast was good, but not spectacular. Billingsly is working
well with little to no help from the writers. 4

Emotional Response: It was funny in places, but no real surprises for us. 3

Production: Most of the Risan sets look nice, but not really special. Risa
is supposed to be beautiful all the way around. 4

Overall: A nice way to cap off the two previous episodes, but it really doesn’t
stand up next to some of the good one’s we’ve seen lately. 3

Total: 22 out of 42

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      • Re: Guest stars list

        Good question, how many Wozniaks can there be?

        According to IMDB, they are different people. Here’s the actor’s bio and then the Woz himself.

        That’ll teach me not blindly copy and paste.

  1. not a great episode
    I agree almost totally with the review.

    I thought the Archer story-line sucked, you could see it coming from miles away. I didn’t predict the Suliban, but I know that something was amiss almost immediately.

    Trip and Malcom… Spare me, I was starting to like those two and now I think they’re hormone filled 15 year old idiots… :O)

    Hoshi… I think her part was good. Good to see her in a more comfortable atmosphere, but I’ve never agreed with one-nighters, so I guess that part turned me off. I’d think that it would be just as possible to contract a weird alien STD as it would be to get a reaction to an alien drug.

    Seems like the whole episode was about making fools out of normally responsible and decent crew members.

    Phlox was the upside to the whole thing. I can’t believe they woke him up!

  2. Where did she get a DOG?!
    If no one on Risa has ever heard of humans, how did the thiefs know how to look like “hot” humans?
    Even barring the by now familiar alien makeup:
    “human with an icon, bump, or ridge on the forehead = alien”
    it seemed everybody was awfully “familiar” looking.

    Keyla has never heard of Earth, but looks like she is human herself? Didn’t that make Archer the least big suspicious? She wears “modern” human fashion? She HAS A DOG! A DOG! EXPLAIN THAT?! Perhaps I missed the small ridge on the dog’s forehead, making him an alien dog?

    • Re: Where did she get a DOG?!

      Keyla has never heard of Earth, but looks like she is
      human herself? Didn’t that make Archer the least big
      suspicious? She wears “modern” human fashion? She HAS A
      DOG! A DOG! EXPLAIN THAT?! Perhaps I missed the small
      ridge on the dog’s forehead, making him an alien dog?

      The fact that she had a dog (and that her
      dog could apparantly jump up two floors onto a balcony on
      its own) convinced me that she was an alien spy who had
      brought a dog as a way to make contact with Archer. We
      know her race has great intelligence capabilities, since
      they knew what happened in Oklahoma. I suspect that she’s
      not the first spy to meet humans, and that a dog had been
      smuggled off Earth for this purpose. If this is not
      supported by future information about her race, then it’ll
      have to be a serious problem, and not just an unexplained

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