Stargate: Universe Discussion – “Darkness”

The Destiny is about a zillion years old – maybe the reason the ship’s running low on power is because it’s old and falling apart? Discuss the new episode here.

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  1. So… on the ending… anyone else think the ending just screams… *panic panic* oh.. it dives by a sun to refuel and that is a normal thing type of episode?

    So far… we have a show that is Stargate (basic premise) + ST: Voyager (stuck on a ship unreachably far from earth) + Sliders/Quantum Leap (new venue each week with a timer) = ?!?

    I’ll give them credit in that I am actually interested in the characters however we need to get this story moving.

    • You know, I understand what you mean, but I hope they DON’T get the show moving too much. I kind of like the pacing so far. The threats shouldn’t be like previous Stargates, where they were one episode problems and were easily solved, usually by Daniel Jackson, in 10 minutes. Nothing drives me crazier than when they use deus ex machina solutions. That is just lazy writing.

      I am also finding the characters interesting. Especially the geek guy, whatsizname. I hope they use him intelligently and don’t resort to making him the solution machine like Rodney McKay. No one should have the answer every time, right on the tip of their tongue.

    • By some strange coincidence, I just read “Rendezvous with Rama” a short time ago. The end of this last episode instantly called to mind the climactic actions of Rama, and I can’t see any other way around the issue that doesn’t suck.

  2. I’m really enjoying Carlyle going crazy on a weekly basis, but this is moving slow. I’m starting to think that this is going to be my new Enterprise – just good enough to keep me interested, but not standout.

  3. Damn it. I was 100% certain that the ship was going to refuel from scooping hydrogen from the atmosphere of the gas giant. It would have been a really awesome, totally hard SF method for the ship to deal with low power.

    • Stay tuned! If I’m right, you’re going to get your crunchy Sci-Fi goodness in a somewhat hotter form.

    • I thought that too – Oh, the shields also function as a magnetic ram scoop! We’ve got enough power to last us at least three years!!

      Maybe they’ll do it with the sun they’re about to dive into Disaster Area style – and perhaps they’ll name it Kakrafoon afterward too. They’ve been referencing plenty of other things, so I have high hopes!

  4. I just want to know why they don’t use the communications stone to pull in someone useful, like someone who can translate ancient or help teach more people how the systems work.

    • I imagine as the series goes on, the simple fact that those stones exist will be more and more of a problem. Sure, back in our galaxy, all the super-brains from SG1 and Atlantis are probably doing other things too (Carter’s got her own ship, McKay probably is being smug, Jackson’s off translating something), but they can’t all be saving the planet, all the time.

      I know, it’s a handy way to bring in the occasional guest star, but once you open that door even a little bit, you have to wonder why it won’t pop open the rest of the way.

    • Same reason they couldn’t figure out how to use the flying eyeball to close the door in the first episode, and went for human sacrifice instead. Same reason guy-in-brig randomly and inexplicably blows up in every episode. Same reason doctor whozywhatsit just yells at everyone unhelpfully. Same reason they shot a guy for no reason in the third episode (and made no remark about it thereafter!). Same reason idiots on patrol decide to open doors that are flashing red.

      Because the writing just sucks. These are the same jokers from Atlantis, and has all the same flaws. None of the characters are really likeable, and several aren’t even tolerable. I’m going to stop watching this now…

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