Dollhouse may be shelved during sweeps

What a difference a week makes. Just a few days ago, everyone seemed to think that, thanks to DVRs, Dollhouse was safe, at least for now. Today, the latest rumor is that Dollhouse won’t even air during November sweeps. This is, as they say, a bad sign. (I’ll refrain from making all the “told ya so” jokes about Joss and the Fox network, because I’m sure the rest of you will have much better ones anyway.)

4 replies on “Dollhouse may be shelved during sweeps”

  1. Last week’s announcement was a promise “to air” the episodes. That could mean pre-empting during sweeps with special programming and then broadcasting while everyone else is in reruns to garner a greater percentage of the viewing public.

    Also, if it’s the DVR ratings keeping the show alive, then they may change the production methods to match. DVR users tend to not watch commercials, so the funding would have to come through product placement. If that happens, then they need time to arrange advertisers and to get them worked into the scripts and the episodes.

    • Also, if DVR is driving the show, then it doesn’t really matter when they air it. Why waste true prime real estate on Friday night, when you could air at at three in the morning on Sunday, and the DVR viewers will watch it all the same.

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