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The Expanse is getting a sixth and final season

So good news/bad news.

There will be a sixth season of the series, presumably covering the events in Babylon’s Ashes. However, this will end the TV series (the books have three more in the series).

It’s sad, but at least they have a set stopping point, rather than getting cut off mid-story. Book six has a clean(ish) stopping point (the books are basically three arcs tied together in nine books).

Honestly, I was wondering how they were going to handle the time jump at the start of Persepolis Rising. Maybe in 20 years we’ll get three more seasons of the show.

CW announces Fall Schedule

The CW announced their new fall schedule this morning. There’s only one real new Genre series this season – The Secret Circle, which is based around a group of teenage witches in the town of New Salem, and is based on another young-adult novel series from the author of the Vampire Diaries. Outside of Genre, Sarah Michell Gellar returns to TV in the series Ringer, where she plays a dual role as an alcoholic woman on the run from shady characters, who holes up with her rich twin sister (who has problems of her own). Hart of Dixie is about a big-city New York doctor who moves to a practice in a small-town in the South. Our final new series is H8R, a reality series wherein celebs confront their haters, scheduled before America’s Next Top Model. Nikita, the TV series based on the film by Luc Besson, is being moved to Fridays, before Supernatural.