Stargate: Universe Discussion – “Water”

Next week’s episode: “McDonald’s.” The crew is jonesing for Chicken McNuggets.

Okay, I’ll quit making fun of one-word titles for at least one week. In the meantime, the Destiny is out of both water and Diet Pepsi.

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  1. Something is happening to a vital resource on the Destiny.

    Old Soldier glares at Arrogant Scientist.

    The Destiny stops at a planet to replenish vital resource.

    Nerd Boy is useful.

    Private Boobs faces off against Little Miss Daddy’s Girl. Catfight almost, but does not ensue.

    Old Soldier and Young Buck bond.

    Aliens show up, and they aren’t humans in makeup! Bonus, no priests!

    Nerd Boy gets told by Arrogant Scientist.

    Disaster averted. TILL NEXT WEEK!

    • Hey, at least we didn’t get half an episode of people recording their tearful goodbyes this time.

  2. On the topic of missing water is it just me or was a lot of significance given to those puffs of steam that didn’t seem to be definitively connected to the bugs?

    I’m also unclear how the bugs were supposed to have consumed that much water. They didn’t have a lot of biomass and the ventilation system should take care of respiration, I have a hunch that they didn’t actually solve the water problem though I’m probably wrong as they wouldn’t want to do a water episode twice in a row

    On another topic the commander is starting to annoy me. He doesn’t seem to be very tolerant of non-military personnel, at first I thought it was just Rush who bugged him but he’s lashed out at Eli a few times. Really I can sympathize with Rush, people are pissed off at him for sending them to Destiny but it was a reasonable decision. Other than that he is definitely arrogant but he’s also tended to be right about serious issues and have people ignore him, I can sympathize with his frustration. In particular we’ve seem the commander accuse Rush of lying about fairly serious matters on at least two occasions, and so far this episode was the only time where we’ve definitively seen him actually mislead someone, and even that wasn’t for personal gain nor long term deception.

  3. I think it’s not a good sign that the show is already formulaic in a non-interesting way and it is only episode 5.

    There’s nothing wrong with a show following a basic formula, so long as it is a good one. This show needs some serious movement or at least a break from the “omg, we’re low on $resource, let’s have some contrived fake drama about getting more”.

    • Couldn’t agree more. It’s a bad enough sign that it’s trying to combine Stargate, Sliders and ST:Voyager into one show, but that it’s already getting repetetive smacks of it purely being someone’s answer to the question “how can we milk more money from this franchise?” I’m still holding out a hope that they’ve just been setting out a picture of the harsh reality of life on the Destiny and they’ll stop off at Quik-E-Mart Planet in the next couple of episodes. Rush’s comment about the power levels *still* not being at 100% after their trip to the recharge star doesn’t bode well for that though.

      On the upside, there have been a few interesting clues as to how the overall plot might go; the “pod” that disengaged from the Destiny at the end of the third episode and the similarity between the Destiny’s suits and those worn by the “Lost” Asgard from the last season of SG:Atlantis, for instance. Also, for a ship whose primary purpose is supposedly exploration, it also appears to be pretty well armed… While that seems rather superfluous on a ship equipped with shields sufficiently powerful to enable it to fly through the corona of a star, I guess sitting there and taking it until casually jumping on to the next galaxy doesn’t make for good viewing figures and a chance to strut their FX stuff. :)

      • the similarity between the Destiny’s suits and those worn by the “Lost” Asgard from the last season of SG:Atlantis

        Pretty sure that’s just reusing studio resources. Those suits don’t come cheap.

  4. Hey Uncle, spoiler: ALL episode titles this season are one word ;)

    Some people have suggested that next season it will be two words!

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