Miscellaneous points of interest

We’ve had a few interesting links submitted lately, but none really seemed to justify a complete article. You’ll find links to each below.

  1. A new take on Starbuck, suggested by Chad.
  2. A game of medieval Tron.
  3. YouTube offers The Adventures of Little Cthulu
  4. Though not really Bureau material, regular reader and poster Fez is now a published author. Those interested in networking and network security may want to check it out.

7 replies on “Miscellaneous points of interest”

  1. Which explains why I haven’t been posting quite so voluminously lately. Hopefully now that the book is off my back, I can get back to commenting more :-)

      • Thanks :-)

        I can hardly believe it myself. Book was even in the top 100 for a couple hours yesterday (Peaked at 89).

        Now that I have the writing bug, perhaps I’ll turn my pen toward Sci-Fi, though I don’t have quite the knack for Novel writing like my wife does.

  2. The Tron comic was funny! And I liked the Little Cthulhu movie — it’s the first time I’ve heard those names spoken (and I assume the pronunciation was correct).

    • That’s the first I’ve heard them spoken also. It’s funny how names work that way. There have been many times when I’ve read a name and pronounced it (in my head) differently than it was “supposed to sound”. Especially in LOTR.

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