4 replies on “DVD Price War on”

  1. Dark Nexus says:

    Pity that pricing doesn’t seem to have made it north of the border (yet).

  2. TheAngryMob says:

    They’re $10 at Wal-Mart. Gag, I may have to go into one of those hell-holes.

    Apparently my ethics to have a price…

    • Fez says:

      Around here, Wal-Mart is about our only choice for getting DVDs (unless I want to drive for almost an hour to a Best Buy).

      Was just in there on Saturday and none of the new release DVDs were $10 yet, so they haven’t started this quite yet.

      • TheAngryMob says:

        It’s their online price. Of course they’re still being charged $18 a disc by the studio, so they’re taking a loss. If I buy just the DVDs at $10 and only those, I’m hurting Wal-Mart.


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