Stargate: Universe Discussion – “Earth”

Every episode title so far has been about how the people aboard Destiny are running short of whatever the title is. Does that mean, this week, there’s a shortage of potting soil?

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  1. Yes, Rush’s roses were looking piqued.

    The episode was primarily focused on highlighting the political conflicts both on Destiny and on earth, along with lots of some occasionally awkward character development thanks to their intergalactic brain swap thingy.

  2. I’d start stockpiling the title jokes now, they’re ALL one-word titles – at least for season 1.

    As for the episode itself, they’re still missing their stride. Most of the stuff on Destiny this week was at least passable, but the character development stuff on Earth was hit and miss. I liked the Camille and Eli scenes, and thought they added to the characters. The Col. Young and Chloe scenes were mostly hard to sit through (though the first “glitch” bit was entertaining).

    Next week’s episode finally looks like it’s moving away from using the ship as the main source of conflict.

    • Agree with the sentiment about missing their stride, my interest in the show is already starting to wane quite badly. Maybe, the change of scene next week will do something about that, and shed a little light on what Rush’s real motivations might be because there’s too much smoke there now for that not to come to a head soon. Unfortunately, it looks like being just another stock time travel plotline, which are seldom the standout episodes in a season, but I guess we’ll find out next week.

      I also liked the bit where Eli introduced himself to his mother as Philip (J.) Fry (nice tip of the hat to Futurama there) and the expression on Telford’s face during the “comms” glitch with Young’s wife, but the rest was just more blah for me. Drunk Chloe was good, but WTF was Eli thinking? They have been drinking, randomly swapping back and forth between real/alternate persons and he decides to drive home?. I thought he was supposed to be smart?

  3. The bits that happened due to the communication loss at FTL transitions was amusingly awkward, and may lead to some even more awkward and perhaps weird things going on between Telford and Young’s wife.

    I liked drunk Chloe, and perhaps her character development might pick up now that she has realized just how little character she really had in the past.

    All in all though, it still feels like it isn’t up to full speed yet. It was nice to see that Earth and Jack[spoiler] are still involved, and the nod to [spoiler]Carter saving Jack’s behind with science he didn’t understand was excellent.

  4. I’ve read a lot of people complaining that SGU is so different from SG-1/SGA, but I think that’s a good thing. While I’ve watched and enjoyed every episode of SG-1/SGA, it’s refreshing with this new take on things. Once SG-1 found Atlantis and killed off the Goa’uld, it was never the same show, and I feel SGU is finally moving back to having the universe be a bit more mysterious and ominous. It’s not a superhero show anymore.

    This episode was fairly interesting, though with some slow parts. I like how Rush (which is a great character) keeps undercutting Earth’s efforts to open a channel back home. Hopefully, they’ll never be able to gate anyone back to earth.

    • You’ve really seen people complaning about that? What I’ve seen are people complaing about bad stories, bad writing, and sophomoric execution.

  5. “These are the wrong people” OK! WE GET IT! Will they stop saying that at any point? This is the biggest mystery of the show.

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