Stargate: Universe Discussion – “Time”

This week, the Destiny finds an apparent picture of their future, and it ain’t pretty. Surprisingly, no wisecrack Internet critics are involved in this vision of horror.

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  1. For a moment it looked like they were going to do a decent time-travel story. They get a peek at the alternate timeline and save themselves. But the moment Chole died I knew they were going back again (yeah, I’m slow to catch on). It’s interesting that original Rush was lying dead not far from the gate after going back, perhaps it’s fatal to use the gate like that? Also interesting that Destiny brought them both to the diseased water planet and the antidote planet. The ship must be re-tracing a route that the ancients explored before, otherwise it wouldn’t know about the antidote.

    • My thoughts on Rush was that he was probably quickly overrun by the snake things and didn’t manage to make it far off the ramp..

      Of the few episodes we’ve gotten so far I’m voting this the best one yet shame it got ret-conned though.

      • With Rush I thought it was day so I’m not sure about that.

        Oh I’m not arguing that it was a great episode for most of the time. I was quite happy with in right up until the point I mentioned, at which point a little part of me died.

        I’m curious to see what they’re going to do for the next part. At first glance it looks like the same episode only a lot easier since they got actual instructions this time.

    • I know it’s been said before, but the episode synopsis is:
      1) Destiny runs low on resource X.
      2) Destiny stops at planet.
      3) Crew finds resource X on planet.
      4) Long teary goodbyes.
      5) Some crew members die or are about to die.
      6) Rush creeps everyone out.
      7) Reset Button!
      8) Everything ok for now.
      Depending on the flow of the episode, some steps may be omitted.

    • .

      Quote: … perhaps it’s fatal to use the gate like that? …
      nope. See SG1 episode named 1969 (and one other, but I cant rememebr the neme). Our fatefull band of heores have used this before; that’s how the current band of adventurers knew exactly what caused the phenomonon. – It’s in the mission reports.

      quote: …The ship must be re-tracing a route that the ancients explored before, otherwise it wouldn’t know about the antidote.
      This was addressed explicitly in the pilot (or was it second episode…) . They mentioned that there are some sort of recon drones traveling ahead of the ship finding that kind of thing.


    • Or: A sick rush goes through the gate back in time – perhaps 10 years back, is killed either by the disease or the critters on the planet.
      The critters eat him, thereby also getting the disease from his body, some of them may die from it, but those who survive reproduce and future offspring will carry the antidote in the blood.
      Don’t forgot he found a human skull next to the gate in one iteration.

      • Hah! Awesome!

        Note that in the last iteration is wasn’t Rush but the lieutenant who went back, same effect though.

        That solves the problem of the suspiciously convenient cure.

        • Damn, now that I remember the keyno was the only thing to go back in the final iteration. So there wouldn’t have been any crew on the planet beforehand in the last (and final) timeline to set up the cure.

          Was a cool idea though :(

  2. When this opened up with major cast members on a planet I thought sweet it might finally be hitting its straps. I did like the premise and on a second watching it was better than the first but can we have another angle than Reality-TV-Keno-Vision? Enough with the Keno things already.

  3. I suppose the recovery of a duplicate kino means that they can go back in time and rescue duplicates of themselves.

    I can hardly wait to see evil Eli.

    • They can’t duplicate themselves. The Kino only survived because it is material, clearly rush didn’t (ie., the skull). They would be sent too far back in time, have no ship to return too and probably die from the creatures. They could send back more resources like water and food for survival though I guess as well as a pre-made cure…

      • Well, not exsact duplicates – “evil” versions. Zombie vampyres will make it back.

        Erm, cougn, excuse me – evil zombie vampyres.

      • No… but they could duplicate supplies. Send half your (non contaminated) water and food back through the timegate. Retrieve with a friendly “Here you go. Love, us.” note, and now you have 150% of your previous supply. Lather, rinse, and repeat until you throw cosmic constants out of whack and the universe cancels itself out.

    • While this did feel more like a “real” Stargate episode, I couldn’t help but feel like I was watching Pitch Black half the time.

      I wonder if they recovered both of the Kenos and watched all the footage in a similar setting. There was a lot of what felt to me like good character development and interaction, but as Scifi^2 said, it all got retconned, so it is likely that none of that happened, and none of the revelations from viewing the Keno will have happened, either.

      • That was my major disappointment with the episode. We got great character development and a great story and now it’s all thrown away. The really annoying thing is that it’s completely redundant, we just got that story! The first half of the episode was empathize with this version of the crew, and watch them die but leave a message for the other timeline as well. And then we empathize with the other version of the crew and watch them die and leave a message for the other timeline as well. Maybe they will find a way to pull it off in the next episode but the conclusion to this episode felt like someone running a good race than tripping and doing a face-plant in the last 10 meters

  4. A classic Neal Stephenson ending!

    By the end, it is pretty predictable how the third pass will go, i.e. the crew finds the kino with Scott’s explanation of the second pass’s findings, so they’ll be able to react faster and be more prepared, and survive. I actually find it good that they didn’t film that, it leaves something for the viewers to figure out.

    • A classic Neal Stephenson ending

      His books have endings? :-)

      I kid… I love his books, I own them all, but Anathem was the only one that really had much in the way of a solid ending that I felt satisfied with.

      If they acknowledge watching the footage from both recovered devices and the let stand consequences of having seen the revelations contained therein, I will be happier with this episode and the series in general. If they ignore it, or only saw the footage on the second device, then it will go down a notch.

      They can’t just whack the reset button on stuff that good. It’s not fair to anyone.

  5. The plot reminded me of an episode of STTNG where the Enterprise was stuck in a time loop until Data figured out how to send a message back in time to himself so they could figure out how to get out of the loop. IIRC STV also had a similar time loop episode.

    • I was reminded more of Pitch Black (as Fez stated), as well as Aliens (which Eli even “hung a lamp post on”) and a ridiculous episode of Voyager titled “Macrocosm”. I was really excited, too, because this was the first episode that started with a team walking out of the gate. Too bad it quickly descended into kino voyeurism.

      The second reset, which I’m betting on, is an awful thing to do to the characters and viewers alike. I thought the Eli development, minus the teary bedside stuff, was well done.

      Also, why is TJ such a cry-baby medic? She should take her Dr. Izzie Stevens clone back to Seattle Grace and make room for a real military medic.

      • Yeah those flying snake things eating their way through people did look like the alien young, and there was that scene where Eli commented on the “termite mounds” holding face huggers.

  6. Wasn’t the solar-flare-time-travel-gate problem a result of the human written dialing program, with actual DHD’s having safeguards against such?

  7. Actually, the ship is so old that these might be first generation stargates. Atlantis had the newer ones.

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