Fringe Discussion: “Snakehead”

This week’s episode features some strong acting by John Noble as Walter demonstrates his inability to function in normal society. The plot involves semi-competent Chinese Triads, misused illegal immigrants, and an altered wormy organism with medicinal properties.

Pity Astrid still doesn’t have much of a personality, given that the actress has some talent and they’re actually giving the character something to do this time around. This week’s episode really doesn’t add to the story arc, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It holds up as passably entertaining genre television better than some of the heavy “arc” eps.

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  1. I dunno if I agree with your comments about astrid… If I had the chance to study and learn from Walter, but I had to basically be the “gofer” then nobody would ever see the bottom of their coffee cup. I’d have it topped off after every sip.

    To me, she’s the equivalent of Wash (from firefly)… The character I can imagine myself as. I’m not a freakiskly brilliant trans-dimensional scientist, nor his son… or even a chemically altered FBI agent. I’m a person who would love to learn the secrets of the universe, and am willing to keep my head down and stay in the lab while the dangerous stuff is playing out.

    Like , I imagine, many of you… Ian Flemming wrote about my childhood hero as I was growing up. But it wasn’t 007; it was Q.

    … Or, am I going off on one of my rants again??? oops.

    • Nope, not a rant at all. I agree with you completely. I guess its the fact that Astrid is the most normal of the characters that she seems out of place most of the time.

      • Q has a personality, however.

        I understand Astrid’s role. I just don’t think they’ve done anything with Astrid the person. This is a loss because, as I said, she can act and she actually had things to do this week.

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