Stargate: Universe Discussion – “Justice”

Finally, an episode where they don’t spend 3/4 of the show back on Earth, courtesy of the MacGuffin plot stones. This week, we have an apparent murder and a little bit of honest-to-goodness character development.

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    • Well, this is the end of the first half of Season One, not the end of the first season. but yeah, I didn’t see that coming either.

      • I wasn’t expecting it and thought “Hell YEAH”! For the first time I thought the two antagonists were acting fully within character and it wasn’t in any way subtle.

  1. I am fairly displeased that even though the character development was there we all know that “Ohh wow.. alien ship… Rush “stranded” he’s conveniently gonna show up again”.

  2. Actually, I was very satisfied by the ending.

    I was expecting to see Rush being carried over the Colonel’s shoulder as he tromped through the gate. Sure, there’s a spaceship sitting right next to him; and sure, he’ll be back. But still. It’s nice to see that they kept true to the character and that Young walked away.

    If there had NOT been a ship there, it may have changed if Young would have been OK with leaving him. Sentencing him to starvation on a rocky desert world is different than banishing him, but leaving him with a possible source of salvation.

    • I disagree. I think Young definitely stranded him with the expectation that he would die there.

      Realize that they hadn’t even managed to get into the ship (they talked about cutting it open). If we assume that they didn’t leave valuable equipment like a cutting torch on an alien planet, then effectively Young would be counting on Rush’s ability to obtain a mastery of an alien technology without even a reasonable amount of equipment before he died of dehydration.

      Not real good odds for Rush.

      Of course, this is television, so of course there’s a fair chance that some friends of the masters of that ship will turn up.

  3. sorry guys;
    I spoilered the whole post, but the paragraph break apparently breaks the spoiler tagging. – my bad

  4. I think Rush got what he deserved, he had it coming. BUT, he will get that alien ship to fly and meet up with destiny again. OR maybe not. Maybe he will become the needed adversary that this series has been lacking (other than back stabbing).

    • Maybe the ship will contain an army of robots that he will use to pursue the Destiny across the universe.

    • Young was in-character to leave Rush, Rush will be back, and I think he will pick up some allies along the way. Will it make him “evil”, though, remains to be seen.

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