2 replies on “Trailer Park Tuesday – December 8, 2009”

  1. It looks ok I guess.

    I just can’t shake the feeling that with book 7 being 2 movies, that the first one could just as well be called.

    Harry Potter running from voldemort, or Harry Potter and the camping trip.

    I am also curious about how they will deal with the impact Dobby had on this story, since he’s been written out of all of the movies since the 2nd one. And I also believe that taking Dobby’s part out of this movie would be a injustice to the story and a mistake. In fact I think the first part would be the best if they can get to Dobby death and burial[/spoilier] by the end of it.

    • Agreed. I’ve liked the movies, but they’ve steadily drifted away from the source material and while they may have seemed like good ideas at the time, they must atone for the discrepancies at some point.

      I wouldn’t mind seeing an animated version in like 10 years that’s done as a mini-series that would cover ALL of the books properly. Not to poo-poo what they’ve done already, I just think that 2 hours is limiting for these (and most) books.

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