Walt Disney Pictures, who seems to have ditched the fairy tale motif permenantly (or has run out of material), is working on finishing their 2nd Sci-Fi themed animated feature for 2002, Treasure Planet. The first, Lilo & Stich opens June 21st.

Based on the Robert Louis Stevenson classic Treasure Island, Disney’s Planet sets the stage with the same basic characters (Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver, etc.), with a Sci-Fi twist. As an example, the ships, while old-styled, cruise through space and the villianous Silver is a cyborg (silver, cyborg, get it?).

The teaser looks impressive, using Disney’s mastery of blending classic hand-drawn characters with 3D backgrounds and objects.

With that in mind, what classic novels/stories would you like to see updated with a Sci-Fi twist? My vote: Herman Melville’s classic, Moby Dick. Just let your mind wander the possibilites.