Notes from Cyberspace

Do you have anything to add to this accumulation of items from around cyberspace? Here’s a place to post Bureau-friendly links.

Some very cool animation gives a new look to the screen that binds us, the bible for Batman: The Animated Series writers surfaces, the Falcon 9 passes its final tests, we may have to thank our lucky supernovas for the oxygen in these parts, but we still, however, may have plenty of company, the mainstream press jumps on the Avatar racism question, someone asks a seriously NSFW question about genre, and some other views of Calvin and Hobbes have been kicking around the Web.

3 replies on “Notes from Cyberspace”

  1. The NSFW story got me. Excellent.

  2. PuppetSocko says:

    More on the “Avatar White Messiah Racism” thing here.

  3. Dark Nexus says:

    No more Spidey 4. Instead, they’re rebooting the franchise

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