With its intriguing Shadow Over a Small Town premise, this could have been a strong Fringe episode with horrific elements. Instead, we found ourselves playing, “you know you’re in a mediocre Fringe ep when….”

  • It plays like The X-Files, only dumbed down
  • The Fringe Force heads out to investigate a crime and, sure enough, it turns out to be a Fringe case
  • The solution to the mystery lies with mad science
  • Walter played a key role in the development of said mad science, demonstrating once again he must have 27 degrees and Forrest Gump‘s guiding spirits
  • One of the side-effects of the mad science is it causes everyone to speak in obvious expository dialogue
  • The supporting cast are mostly average, but Anna Torv’s performance still seems mediocre by comparision
  • Astrid exists so that Walter has someone to whom he can explain things
  • The script makes Walter a key figure, but it doesn’t give him enough to do dramatically
  • On several occasions the episode reduces my visiting sister to helpless laughter, even though it’s not trying to be funny.

However, I’m certain some of you hold a different opinion: