Supernatural Discussion – “Back to the Future II”

Right now, I’m only caught up to the end of season four. That’ll change the day season five hits Blu-Ray. If it comes out in August as it did last year, season six may get weekly reviews (assuming there is a season six.) In the meantime, I’ll try to maintain the discussion columns.

2 replies on “Supernatural Discussion – “Back to the Future II””

  1. My wife and I disagree about Anna. I liked her (though not her motives in this episode) and my wife has always hated her. I wasn’t sorry to see her die, however, given what she was trying to do.

    Overall this episode was pretty good. Unfortunately, once Sam was gravely wounded you could see a reset coming that in retrospect should have been obvious from the moment that Dean spilled his guts to his mom about their identity.

    The part at the end with Michael was really good, changed my attitude toward him and made me wonder even more how this will all play out.

  2. If there’s one thing that’s going to make this show jump the shark it’ll be Time-travel episodes. They either end up in a massive pile of “It doesn’t matter” or a logic bomb “Why didn’t they just do this in the first place?” that pretty much every show that involves time travel devolves into.

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