Smallville Discussion – “Absolute Justice”

I’ve finally gotten caught up on this season of Smallville. Tonight’s episode is the two hour event, featuring the Justice Society of America, written by Geoff Johns. If all goes as planned, this discussion column will be replaced by a review by the end of the weekend.

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  1. I liked it. Haven’t watched Smallville in a couple of seasons, but tuned in just for this episode. It was lots of fun and there were lots of fun fan moments.

    I like cookies!

    • Pretty much the same here. I’m really loving all the little nods, and it’s reminding me that I should probably add JSA to my Pull List. Especially since “Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth” has gone downhill rather quickly recently.

  2. I hated just about every single second of it. Well, except the last second. Why I sat through it, in it’s entirety, I will never know. Maybe I hate myself?

    It was terrible, bad writing, awkward and cringe-worthy dialog, even the effects were hokey. And that bad guy, holy Adam West era Batman! If you are going to go all out for ridiculous levels of melodrama, at least make it FUNNY. It was just plain odd.

    It was awful, and I just felt this deep sense of embarrassment, for all involved, including myself for watching it. I really can’t imagine anyone actually LIKING this episode. Sad too, since Smallville has been doing so well lately.

  3. On the plus it has probably the best ACTUAL super-power fight I can recall in the show to date. It only loses points because it was between two guest stars.

    On the negative there was Hawkman. Between the bad dialogue, Christian Bale impersonation, and cheesy effects it was pretty cringe-worthy.

  4. I won’t have time to write a full blown review. (To cover this weekend’s entire “To do” list, I’d need to first invent a 30 hour day.) Here are a few comments, though:
    1) Hawkman didn’t look good enough. I understand writing on a budget, but if that’s the budget they have available, they should have had him “suit up” later than his teammates, or kept him as a blurry CGI silhouette during the use of his powers instead. The helmet looked good, but the wings didn’t.
    2) I like the way Dr. Fate was written. Insane and/or imbalanced heroes usually play well on screen.
    3) I like the introductions of the two other groups here that weren’t advertised, including the connection to an established character.
    4) The first conversation between Lois and Tess was remarkably awkward, well beyond anything I’ve ever seen produced by Geoff Johns. It makes me wonder if he wrote that scene at all, or if that was a director or line producer filling in a piece of the season’s larger puzzle Johns wasn’t aware of or responsible for when he was working on his piece.

  5. I haven’t watched it yet (it’s on the DVR), but the first question I asked my roommate when he mentioned who wrote it was ‘How many people did he kill?’.

    Kinda over Johns, generally speaking.

    • I haven’t seen it yet. It broadcasts tonight in Canada, opposite a certain cultural event in which I’ll be participating (as a watcher and conventional food-and-bev consumer, of course), so I won’t see Smallville until, maybe, Monday night. I do, however, have a question:

      Do they make any sense of the fact that there was once a sizable organization of gaudily-garbed superheroes who have never rated mention on the show until now?

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