Max Headroom on DVD in August

A true original of genre television and an icon of the late 1980s, Max Headroom, central character in promotional blurbs, the British Channel 4 film Twenty Minutes Into the Future, and his own short-lived but thought-provoking U.S. series, will finally appear on DVD. Prescient, funny, and overdue for a revival.

I still have my square Max Headroom badge.

Expect a review of the series sometime next autumn.

2 replies on “Max Headroom on DVD in August”

  1. While I’ll admit I was ever slightly too young to appreciate this the first time around but I’ve been jonesing for this ever since TechTV re-aired it back in 2000-ish. Nice to finally see a good DVD release is on the horizon…and that it’s by Shout Factory who, at least from my MST3k DVD’s, do a pretty good on their releases.

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