Personal Jet-packs have arrived.

The Martin Aircraft Company’s Jetpack will be available commercially, they expect, by the end of the year. The company has been developing these things for decades, had their first paying customers a few months back, and now expect to be doing general business with an admittedly elite clientele. Their site may be found here. You may see video at the site or after the jump, and several more, tracing the history of their packs, here.

To Infiinity…. And Beyond!

2 replies on “Personal Jet-packs have arrived.”

  1. Tekzel says:

    As interesting as that was, it was not a demonstration of a jetpack. You strap a jetpack to YOU. In that video that guy was strapped to IT. I have no idea what to call it, but a jetpack it is definitely not.

  2. This would be a lot more impressive without the spotters. It comes across as a lack of faith in the tech when those two stay that close at all times.

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