We conclude the 2010 summer school session with lesson nine, dealing with spin. You will also find more content after the break.

Once again, I’d like to thank the proofreaders who have been checking and rechecking these lessons since March: Gord Haverland, Maurice Hilarius, Bonnie Hogg, Claire MacDonald, Rob MacDonald, Neil Pritchard and Anthony Stauffer. Their input helped make this series a lot stronger than I’d have made it on my own, and for that I thank them. Also, I’d like to thank artist Stacey Keeler for that truly awesome Summer School category icon you see here. I’d also like to thank the readers who provided feedback each week. The suggestions for change went into the “all in one” document you see at the end here, which is the version that will be maintained in the long term.

For reference, here are quick links to all lessons:

Join us next year for Bureau 42 Summer School 2011: Assessment.