Supernatural Discussion: Point of No Return

So, what did you think of episode 100? Given that the network hasn’t revealed titles and airdates to anyone they aren’t contractually obligated to share with, I’m betting something significant happens that I’ll see on Blu-Ray this fall.

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    My comment to my friends after watching the ep was…

    “To the best of my memory, Never in the history of TV or Movies have two fictional characters been as completely screwed as Sam and Dean are now.”

    After thinking about it for a while, I’m not sure I can add to that.

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    And, as a consequence of my previous statement, I’m left wondering, “what the heck can you be planning for NEXT season to follow THIS???”


  3. After watching Buffy for its entire run and seeing Apocalypse after Apocalypse come and go, it kind of lost its impact.

    It really does seem like one of two things will happen at the end of this season:

    1) A massive reset by God, Deus ex Deus as opposed to Deus ex machina.
    2) Lots of people are going to die, lots of stuff explodes, and Sam & Dean will roam around post-apocalyptic America cleaning up stragglers.

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