Fringe Discussion: White Tulip

Fringe finally does a time-travel episode. Did it work, and well enough to justify opening that particular, problematic door?

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  1. As time travel eps go I thought it was pretty decent.

    I was bugged a little bit by Walter’s theological beliefs. The one thing that bugs me with Abrams is whenever it comes down to a contest between science and skepticism vs woo the woo always wins. I don’t mind creating a Universe where the woo exists, but he likes to put skeptics from this universe into that universe just so he can prove them wrong.

  2. I thought the time travel bit was handled pretty well. It was obvious that few, if any, others would be able to replicate it — especially since much of his work was done on his own body in our present, and that body is now in the past where his work on the subject doesn’t exist.

    People would probably think he was just really into body modding or something.

    Actually, I’m rather surprised that car crash didn’t turn into a “Fringe Division” case given what his body must have looked like.

    The letter at the end was also a nice touch.

    But as O’Brien(s) said once upon a time, “I hate temporal mechanics.”

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