7 replies on “US Torchwood remake on hold”

  1. A US version? Are they trying to play off the success that Fox had with Doctor Who? Or is they looking at how successful Coupling was with a US remake?

    Why doesn’t the BBC just make more episodes and sell them to a US network?

  2. Someone at Fox really, really wants to make a Torchwood with slicker effects, worse plots, and absolutely no alternative sexuality?

    I don’t know there’s been a good U.S. adaptation of a Brit series since All in the Family. And Max Headroom, but that one has a more complicated origin.

  3. Dammit.
    The Yanks just need to keep their hands off.

    From what I read, Jack insisted that his character would NOT change and his sexuality is just too much for American TV.

    Born and raised Kansan, but my heart and soul is in Europe.


  4. Well that sucks!!! At least now it won’t get put in horrible timeslots and then abruptly cancelled!! ;-)

  5. Having just finished the first season of Torchwood, I can not imagine them allowing an unaltered Jack on the air. I am with Kiersten on this, just leave it alone. They would probably just screw it up anyway, and only make half the season.

  6. Don,

    After seeing all the seasons and Children of Earth, my suggestion to Fox would be to have Jack “flirt” with everyone/everything but not have him involved in any relationships. Trust me, after you get through “Children of Earth”, you’ll understand why that would have worked.

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