Fringe Discussion: “The Man from the Other Side”

Teens dying before they get old, Olivia and Peter investigating in full X-Files mode, and Walter facing… His past? His peeved doppelgänger?

What did the Bureau make of the Man from the Other Side?

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    • I saw fifteen minutes towards the end. However, people want discussions even if no one is reviewing it.

      I watch about every third ep of Fringe and, as with other shows that get few reviews, we invite the readership to submit reviews to us.

  1. It was a strong episode. I liked that they decided against leaving the Peter and Walter secrets hanging for a season or more. There are a couple of clues I think about the man on the bridge. It seemed to me “Mister Secretary” is actually Walternate or alter-Bell. One key point is that the revived shapeshifter appears to turn to Walter and says “I’m sorry.”. My theory is that Walternate is man behind the shapeshifters and the dying shapeshifter was sorry for failing his leader….

    • I’m inclined to go with the Walternate theory (“peeved doppelgänger”), if only because (1) it would be the most interesting and (2) Nimoy claims he has retired from acting for good.

  2. No. No. No. The alien, shapeshifing bounty hunters are a dead giveaway. The genius behind all of this has got to be Matthew Pray. (I think that was his name.

    I do swear by Odin’s brazen balls!

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