Fringe Discussion: “Brown Betty”

The film noir look worked, and I liked a stoned Walter singing Tears for Fears, but I couldn’t get into this filler ep. Too much forced-quirky and too little of either substance or entertainment value.

How do people feel who actually follow the show each week? Was it fun? Stupid? Meh? Was this the one your friend who’s never seen the show finally sat down to watch?

(And does anyone want to do weekly reviews of Fringe?)

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  1. My vote is for “Meh”.

    Parts of it worked, but the singing just didn’t fit for me. Had it been Walter just doing that one bit it would have been fine, but having a few people sort of sing (or try to) sporadically here and there just seemed out of place.

    The story was good, the style was good, but something about the execution left a lot to be desired.

    They should have cut the singing entirely or went way over the top with it.

  2. I agree with Fez: another “Meh” episode. The only episodes that are truly enjoyable are the one’s with a very healthy dose of Walter’s craziness and there’s not been near enough of them.

    My advice to the producers: Fire Anna Torv and turn Astrid in to the lead investigator for the pattern stuff. I keep watching hoping she’ll get better but she just doesn’t.

  3. I agree, Astrid and Walter make an awesome pair and they could have a show all by themselves.

    The reason they had the stupid singing episode is because Fox wanted every one of their shows to be musicals this week.

    Stupid Fox.

    • Well that explains quite a bit. It had the feeling of “Contractually obligated” all over it.

      Walter is still the primary reason I keep watching.

  4. Personally I really enjoyed it, it felt very much like a trip (pun intended) through Walters mind as he deals with what he did (and Peter leaving), I loved the quirky style, although the songs were odd but they make sense as Walter has a strong connection with songs all through the series.

  5. The Astrid and Walter interaction was great as always, but with this Ep. I have to ask WHY?!!? It was pointless and completely not in keeping with what I expect from Fringe. Also they give us a cliff hanger, and then leave us hanging while they spin this pointless fairy tale. I hate these dream/holodeck out of left field eps!!!! Why can’t the writers just do their job and deliver a Fringe eps. On the other it does explain why the Fringe writers suck so bad at times. They’d really prefer to be writing a period Noir piece.

    Personally this was so bad I fast forwarded through the episode until the end. I feel for people not DVRing it or huluing it.

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