Supernatural Discussion – “Swan Song”

How fares the season five finale? If the Blu-Rays hit the market fast enough, I’ll probably review “Supernatural” each week next season.

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  1. I thought it was really good. Had they stuck to the original plan, this would have made a fine series finale. The big multi-season arc was completed and most of the side plots and other long arcs were tied up or mentioned, too.

    I am very interested to see what is in store for the boys come fall.

    No thanks to my wife listening to this album repeatedly, this song popped into my head when they were loading up the Impala at the beginning.

    • Agreed. This would have been (and probably was, until enough money was given to the right people) a great series finale. It stands as a good ending, bittersweet if not happy, with enough left open to leave the world still spinning in our imaginations. In fact, had it not been for the last, voyeuristic few seconds, there is nothing on which to base a sixth season. I’m seriously considering not watching season six, because the quality has probably plateaued, if not peaked.

  2. Kind of surprised at the identity of god, I was really figuring it was going to be bobby with as interconnected into the apocalypse everyone was it would have made sense.

    I too am curious how next season will shape up, about the only left is to kill god, go to disneyworld, or jump the shuttle and start hunting ghosts on mars.

    • The God revelation bothers me. I don’t think it fits well with previous appearances of that character. It seemed cheap, and really destroys the whole prophet mythos they developed.

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