Madhouse makes “Supernatural” OVA project

AnimeNewsNetwork is reporting that Studio Madhouse (Vampire Hunter D, Black Lagoon, Death Note) working on an OVA (direct-to-video) anime series based on the American TV series “Supernatural”. The 22-episode long series will cover the storyline of the first two seasons of the show, focusing on the main story points and high points of the monster-of-the-week episodes. The series will also introduce some new characters and highlight some side characters from the original series.

I’m afraid that I don’t know as much about Supernatural as I’d like. However, I’m looking forward to this project. The anime industry in Japan is in a bad way, and not because of piracy. Several of the major studios have been creatively stagnant for some time now – with more moe-fan-service¬†heavy series like Kiss x Sis and Nogizawa Haruka’s Secret outnumbering more creative fare like Durarara and Black Lagoon. Additionally, wages for animators in studios have been notoriously low for quite some time – an influx of capital from foreign co-productions (whether with North American or European companies) could possibly help bring wages for animators up and groom some new talent in the industry.

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  1. *cautious optimism*

    Having no limit on monster visuals is a very titillating notion.

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