Simon Pegg & Friends Abducted By Demons

In what appears to be either a Twitter-based storytelling experiment or an Alternate Reality Marketing event, it appears the Simon Pegg, Nick J. Frost, and Simon’s sister Katy have all vanished into Simon’s attic, never to return.

The story so far is that a few days ago, Simon awoke to find his attic door hanging open and, later, closed, untouched by anyone in his household. Over the course of the next few days, a flurry of tweets between Simon, Nick & Katy told a story of people increasingly nervous about the events occurring in Simon’s home.

Around 7 hours ago, they simultaneously sent

Είναι δικά μου τα παιδιά τώρα.Γιά εσένα έχουν χαθεί.Μην προσπαθήσεις να τα βρείς.

which translates roughly to

These children are mine now. They are lost to you. Do not try to find them.

Rumors abound that he’s missed an interview with an online magazine, but I can’t find any confirmation of this fact.

The smart money at this time is that this is related to involvement by Pegg and Frost in a developing movie called The Occupants, based roughly on the 2004 viral story of the Dionaea House

– EDIT 7/12/10 –
After several days of occasionally “weird” posting from Simon & friends, we appear to be entering an “endgame”
– Katy Pegg is spouting Greek phrases again
– Simon is making references to some kind of local Hellmouth that appears in Stephen King’s works & “remembering” the events of last week
– a tweetphoto has appeared with the caption “I’m at the source. This ends now.”

2 replies on “Simon Pegg & Friends Abducted By Demons”

  1. Hey! That was the exact link I sent to the chatroom when they told me about this….

    I find these really entertaining, I guess I’m a fan of this kind of viral marketing. It’s like a frayed end of the plausible as it drifts into a fictional story.

  2. ‘Lex – it is indeed. And you’re not the only person to have made that connection, particuarly as they’re apparently all involved with a related project.

    It also appears that everyone is now *back*, but acting…strangely.
    and claiming not to be aware that they were ever gone.

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