Trailer Park Tuesday – July 13, 2010

A little anime, a little horror, and a call to arms for men who like manly movies.

The Expendables

This is just awesome!

Paranormal Activity 2

Didn’t see the first one, but this does look scary as hell.

Tales from Earthsea

Not usually into anime, but this sort of negates my primary qualm with the genre (the laughable and/or pointless plots) by using Ursula K Le Guin’s book as a basis. And I do have to admit, I like Miyazaki’s stuff in the past.

11 replies on “Trailer Park Tuesday – July 13, 2010”

  1. Ok, now I’m really frosted. I went to click on the Expendables preview only to find that its not available due to a copyright claim by the MPAA. WTF!!!??? I’m willingly going to watch their ADVERTISING for their upcoming movie and they’re worried about their copyright!!! WHAT a bunch of backwards assholes!! Sorry but when the item in question is an AD for your PRODUCT you should want as many people to see it as possible. The MPAA has to pay to play the ad on TV and here I’m willing to watch it at no expense to them and they remove it???!!!

    What a bunch of freaking idiots!!!

    • I’m sure it’s more about setting a precedent. If it’s proven they don’t defend their copyright they can lose it.

      • Nothing in Title 17 says you need to defend your copyright or lose it. It’s trademark law that has the defend or lose provision. This is just the MPAA shooting themselves in the head yet again.

        “I say to you that the VCR is to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston strangler is to the woman home alone.” Jack Valenti in testimony to Congress while he was the head of the MPAA. I would certainly love to find a link to how many billions of dollars they’ve made because of VCRs and DVDs. They’re just a bunch of rich dinosaurs that are trying to stay relevant.

  2. I have to agree with J_W_W, pulling a copyright claim on an ad is inexcusable stupidity. This is one of the major reasons I see so few movies at the theater now. I have to sit through 20 minutes of ads and crap, for what is usually a mediocre movie, then I come home and see stuff like this. For the amount of money I spend on an average movie night ( I never go alone, I usually take several friend with me, and I always get food) I could buy several books. This is probably a dumb enough move that no matter how good the movie is, I probably won’t see it now.

  3. Other than a few plot holes, the original Paranormal Activity was great – Blairwitch Project-level good, well worth watching.

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