Buffy Muscial coming to CD

Sci-Fi Wire has the full scoop. Basically it will contain all the songs from the show “Once More, With Feeling” and some unreleased material. It will be available September 24th.

I just checked Amazon.com. Nothing there yet.

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  1. Buffymusik
    Well, I guess I’ll have to go out and buy a copy. I mean, after I collected the MP3’s from Morpheus and made copies for myself and a couple of friends, I kind of have a moral obligation :-) I just wish they’d put out another “Songs from BtVS” CD. The first one was fabulous. Rasputina, Guided by Voices, Bif Naked? This show has THE best music.

  2. Only 10 Tracks?

    I also have the musical on mp3s, and i have 20 tracks, and its around 45 minutes total. I can’t see how they will cut it down to 8 or less (so they have room for the 2 or more extra tracks). It might be a really short CD

    They will have to cut such great songs as They Got The Mustard Out and No Parking and does that mean no between music dialog tracks (like the Pulp Fiction soundtrack had)?

    This inspired me to listen to my homemade soundtrack again. After what happened later on last season, Tara’s Song and I’ll never tell, seem kinda weird.

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