Doctor Who Anime Fan Project

I came across this little YouTube Video from AnimeNewsNetwork. The video is a fan anime short created by Paul “Otaking” Johnson from Sheffield, England. This isn’t his first Doctor Who anime video – an earlier installment made the rounds around the internet a while back, but this installment, is much improved in my opinion – depicting some Daleks taking out some heavily armed soldiers, and, using some creative audio editing, The Two… Masters (honestly, if it weren’t for the fact that actors who have played The Master keep dying, I’m surprised they haven’t done that concept before). Take a look below the cut.

3 replies on “Doctor Who Anime Fan Project”

  1. That was pretty neat. I was hoping to see which Doctor they were going to animate though.

    Before the re-launch of the show in the UK they produced an animated web show on the net. I wonder if there is a collection of them somewhere, it was actually very well done.

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