Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla Design Revealed!

I’ll be starting my “dispatches from Comic-Con” posts pretty soon, but first, I wanted to post a story that I missed at the con, while wandering the massive Exhibit Hall.

At their booth on the show floor, Legendary Pictures unveiled the character design for Godzilla in their upcoming movie. You can see the pictures at comingsoon.net. I’m pleased to say that rather then being the smaller, leaner, “meaner” Godzilla-In-Name-Only from the Roland Emmerich film, this has a much more traditional Godzilla Design. At this time we have no information about whether Godzilla will be, as with tradition, a man in a suit, if he’ll be a CGI performer generated using Motion Capture, or if he’ll just be fully CGI.In any case, I watched some of the old Godzilla movies as a kid, and thanks to people like Mike Dent, I’ve started getting back into Tokusatsu, particularly stuff of the “guys in suits beating up other guys in suits” variety (as opposed to stuff like “Machine Girl”). While this is not a purely Japanese production, I have some hope that this movie could turn out well based on this character design.

Also, it’s a shame they weren’t selling prints of this at Comic-Con, because I wouldn’t mind hanging that on my wall.

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