Thor Comic-Con Trailer

A bootleg of the Thor Trailer from Comic-Con 2010 is currently online, and I have it embedded below the cut. This may get taken down quickly, so I would recommend watching it sooner rather than later.

EDIT: The Video has now been taken down, so I’ve taken out the embed.

EDIT: Found a good version to embed – Brian

7 replies on “Thor Comic-Con Trailer”

  1. They have a tough job on their hands. I know nothing of the original comics, but the whole concept of a Norse ex-god kicking but sounds totally ridiculous. Good luck with making that less stupid.

  2. WARNING: Not only has it been REMOVED, that link now will take you to a “Party Poker” site.

  3. Thanks to the Bureaucrats in the chat room, I managed to see this one. I thought the costumes looked pretty bad when I saw them in the promo photo, but they look a lot better in action.

    Also, is that Ultron?

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