The previously announced plans for future Summer School sessions may change somewhat. Feedback is requested, and details are offered after the break.

I’ve started working on next year’s intended Summer School course, which is currently intended to be an introduction to linear algebra. At this point, I’m finding that there’s a lot of prerequisite knowledge from regular algebra required to continue. It’ll be very hard to get this done in nine lessons. I’m also finding, based on web traffic logs for the Quantum Physics series, that a lot of people seem to be waiting for the weekends to read them. (Saturday downloads are outnumbering Tuesday through Thursday combined.) I put both of these together, and came up with a new alternative.

In future years, Summer School modules will be published on weekends, either Friday nights, or Saturday or Sunday mornings. (Preferences can be voiced in the comments below or via e-mail.)

Furthermore, I think the math approach I’ll be most pleased with is a concept I’m calling “Math From Scratch.” Carl Sagan once said, “in order to bake an apple pie from scratch, one must first create the Universe.” I’d like to take this approach with math, starting with the construction of the natural and whole numbers through set theory, then formal creations of addition, subtraction and so forth, building in multidisciplinary paths until everything I know about math has been laid out in a sequential order.

By my estimation, this could be a 200 lesson series quite easily. If it’s going to come out on any kind of regular schedule, I’m going to need years of lead time. So, do you want it to come out on a regular schedule, starting in 2013 or 2014, or would you rather have a “write it as I can” erratic schedule starting in January (after I’ve written Relativity and/or Assessment summer school modules for 2011 and 2012?) Speak up now, and I’ll go with the votes.