Misc. Anime News

While I was at Comic Con, a few notable licenses happened that I missed, as well as some other news stories –

Discotek licensed the two Galaxy Express 999 films and the first Project A-Ko movie. The animated series has currently been licensed for streaming by Funimation, and is available on their web page.

Bandai Entertainment licensed Turn A Gundam, one of the last Gundam series not to be licensed for US release, and which features mechanical designs by Syd Mead. The anime adaptation of Namco Bandai’s Tales of the Abyss game was licensed as well, though the Gundam story is slightly bigger news, ’cause you know, Syd Mead.

Finally, Osamu Tezuka’s absurdly skilled surgeon Black Jack will appear in a commercial alongside Hugh Laurie as Dr. House to promote the DVD release of Season 4 of House in Japan. The commercial will include new animation of Black Jack, as well as new footage shot for the commercial of Laurie as House.