3 replies on “Force Fields a Reality?”

  1. Bunch of capacitors

    As someone mentioned in the Slashdot comments, they
    are effectively adding a bunch of capacitors to the
    surface of the vehicle. When they charge these
    capacitors, it will polarize the dielectric between these

    In short, any commander who gave the order to activate
    this defense system could, in fact, tell his people to
    “polarize the hull plating.”

    • Re: Bunch of capacitors

      “polarize the hull plating.”

      Can get these for my car when I have to park it downtown?And add some voice-operated commands for that Batman-esqe cool factor.

  2. cool stuff
    That “polarize the hull plating” is the first thing I thought of. Funny thing is, this is a low tech field. I wanna see one like the Enterprise had in First Contact where Picard shows the lady that the only thing between her and cold space is that force field….

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