Nemesis Bits (New Ship/Title/Trailer)

Some little bits today, so I’ll cover them in one shot:

New Romulan Warbird

No word on its size or capacity, but this ship, the Valdore,
will appear in the upcoming movie.
It’s nice to see some evolution to Romulan ships since they’ve been stuck with
the same old warbird
since the first season of TNG. Details can be found in the official
and at FilmForce.

Title Change

It is now “Star Trek Nemesis”. No colon in the title. No idea why.
Any guesses?

Second Trailer

That same official
also mentioned that details about a second trailer would be coming soon. As
soon as I spot something concrete I’ll let everyone know. The first
was a blast!

One reply

  1. Dig the ship
    Hints of Klingon design. Wouldn’t be the first time Romulans “borrowed” from the Klingons. OK, so last time they bought a bunch of D7 cruisers and put cloaking devices in them, and this time they just followed the basic structure. I like it. :)

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