“Witchblade” Burned at the Stake

SciFi.com has it as official: TNT has cancelled Witchblade.

They give various reasons as to why (advertisers, etc). I imagine having your star in rehab doesn’t help either.

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  1. TNT does not do original sci-fi series
    If I were a sci-fi producer, I wouldn’t touch TNT with a ten foot pole© They killed Babylon 5, which is arguably the best ¥props to twilight zone and ST-TNG¤ sci-fi series ever© They then decided to go ahead with Crusade ¥spin-off of B5¤ and killed it halfway through the first season© They never even gave it a chance to get interesting©

    Screw TNT©

    • Re: TNT does not do original sci-fi series

      Screw TNT©

      The same could be said for Fox, who have roasted their own fair share of good Sci-Fi. If it isn’t a huge hit with the genre community (Star Trek) or crosses over into mass-appeal (X-Files) it’s just not going to last on any network, cable or otherwise. Therein lies the beauty of Sci-Fi channel for us geeks.

    • Re: TNT does not do original sci-fi series
      Actually, TNT saved Babylon 5. They were the ones who ponied up for a fifth season when it looked like we’d only get four. Remember, there was never going to be any more than 5 seasons.

      Now, they did kill Crusade. Shame on them!

      As for Witchblade…eh. I started watching it this summer and was very underwhelmed. The acting was wooden, the dialogue was atrocious, and the plots laughable.

  2. glad i didn’t watch it
    there was a marathon the weekend before the season premiere, and i thought hey, here’s a chance to watch all of them and catch up.

    well, i almost got through the first ep before giving up. come on, joan of arc’s gauntlet? meh. action tv shows always leave a dull taste in my mouth (compare samo hung’s show to his hong kong movies, it’s like night and day).

  3. The REAL reason for cancellation
    My sources in NYC say that the REAL reason for cancellation is quite embarrassing, which is why all the different explainations. My sources tell me the show’s insurance carrier dropped Yancy Butler due to her much-reported substance abuse problem. These days, you can’t do a major TV Show or Studio Film from a business point of view without the star being insured. Apparently the producers must have felt they coudn’t recast, and frankly I agree. A damn shame, and another reason to hate insurance companies!

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