Weekly Digital Disk Picks – September 7th, 2010

And the annual TV-on-disc deluge officially begins.

Title DVD Release(s) Blu-Ray Release(s)
Chuck: Season Three DVD Blu-Ray
Full Metal Panic – The Complete Series DVD Blu-Ray
Alex: This is a new release from Funimation. I’ve previously reviewed this show as a guest review.
My Bride Is a Mermaid: Season One, Part Two DVD
Coyote Ragtime Show: The Complete Box Set DVD
Alex: This is a lower-cost S.A.V.E. edition of the show.
Art House
Classics (Cult)
Classics (Traditional)
TCM Greatest Classic Film Collection: Gangsters – James Cagney DVD
Includes “City for Conquest,” “G Men,” “Each Dawn I Die” and “White Heat,” all of which were in the Warner Bros. Gangsters / Tough Guys collections.
TCM Greatest Classic Film Collection: Gangsters – Prohibition Era DVD
Includes “Little Ceasar,” “Smart Money,” “The Public Enemy” and “The Roaring Twenties,” all of which were in the Warner Bros. Gangsters / Tough Guys collection.
TCM Greatest Classic Film Collection: Hammer Horror DVD
Includes “Dracula Has Risen From The Grave,” “Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed,” “Horror of Dracula” and “The Curse of Frankenstein,” all of which were a part of the Warner Bros. Hammer Horror collection.
Best Little Whorehouse in Texas DVD
Boy Meets World Seasons one, two, and three.
Killers DVD Blu-Ray
The Last of the Summer Wine, Vintage 1985 DVD
MacGruber DVD Blu-Ray
The Norm Show: Complete Series DVD
The Office: Season Six DVD Blu-Ray
Black Dahlia Blu-Ray
The Guardian: Season Two DVD
The Player Blu-Ray
Solitary Man DVD Blu-Ray
thirtysomething: Fourth and Final Season DVD
Blaine: This is listed as an Amazon.com exclusive product. Whether that means that it will never be available elsewhere, or that Amazon.com just gets it first, I don’t know.
Bugs Bunny’s Howl-Oween Special DVD
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Blu-Ray
It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Blu-Ray
Poltergeist Blu-Ray
The Skeleton Key Blu-Ray
Supernatural: Season Five DVD Blu-Ray
The 4 Complete Ed Sullivan Shows Starring the Beatles DVD
Tommy, the Movie Blu-Ray
Mystery / Crime
Criminal Minds: Season Five DVD
Science Fiction
Doctor Who (Classic) Story 106: The Creature from the Pit, Story 129: The King’s Demons, and Story 135: Planet of Fire
Forbidden Planet Blu-Ray
Lost in Space Blu-Ray
Mars Attacks! Blu-Ray
The Outer Limits (1995): Season Six DVD
NOTE: This release is only available to Canadian retailers, but it can be shipped to the U.S. The final season is due the first Tuesday in October.
Stardust Blu-Ray
THX 1138 (George Lucas’ Director’s Cut) Blu-Ray
The Phantom DVD Blu-Ray
NOTE: This is a “second generation” reboot, not the original character.
Smallville: Season Nine DVD Blu-Ray

Finally, the picks of the week. Blaine says, “I usually make it a rule that I don’t recommend titles I haven’t seen, but given the spectacular quality of Supernatural‘s first four seasons, I’m comfortable recommending season five even though I haven’t seen it yet.” Alex says, “Full Metal Panic is one of the best modern mecha anime series. If you haven’t gotten it already, I really can’t think of a good reason not to get it now.”

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  1. Is the Blue-ray Forbidden Planet release, the same as the HD transfer, from a couple years ago? The Amazon listing didn’t give much details.

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