BattleBots Axed

Comedy Central appears to have cancelled (or at least put on hold) the popular robot-smashing show.

No word on if a similar show will replace it or if some other network will pick it up.

How about Sci-Fi Channel? They should have some extra budget now that Farscape’s been let go.

4 replies on “BattleBots Axed”

  1. not sci-fi channel
    while i’m sure the sci-fi channel’s coffers overfloweth , i think it’d be better if one of the discovery channels (which includes TLC) picked this show up. it would bring i think a more appropriate and appreciative audience. sci-fi’s equally unstable line-up just really isn’t drawing good solid base to support a stumbling show.

    *sigh* and i was so looking forward to many seasons of watching warhammer (sp? i think that’s the name, i can’t find a link) bury the floor in shattered bot parts :(

    • Re: not sci-fi channel
      bah, hit the post button to quickly, it should read "while i’m sure the sci-fi channel’s coffers overfloweth "

      • Re: not sci-fi channel
        ok apparently it doesn’t like fake html tags. just read the first sentence with some sarcasm :P

    • Re: not sci-fi channel
      I agree. A one hour format on TLC or other Discovery channel would be most welcome. Though of the three major robot fighting shows I did like Battlebots the best, I still thought it needed more “behind the scenes” footage. More details about the bots, how they were constructed, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

      Now if Battlebots would open up the rules a bit and allow fire and acid that would be cool to:)

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