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The Event definitely wants to be the breakout show of the season. Did we watch? Should we watch? Or is it a non-Event?

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  1. I enjoyed the presentation. Reminded me of the first LOST episode where there’s a lot of setup but enough plot to keep you really interested in the episode itself. I have many many questions and I’m sure people are disecting this episode to death.

    My wife seems to think aliens are involved, which is a definite possibility but seemed too obvious to me. I’m leaning towards a Matrix like mini-verse, but it’s just a gut feeling.

    They definitely hooked me.

  2. Do I know what the event is?


    Do I care?

    Having watched the first episode, not so much.

    It reeks of “been there and done that”…or should I say “been there and gotten hooked only to have the show scrapped half way into the season”.

    This has failure written all over it. It is a shame really, since there is so little genre scheduled on the big three (er four or five)

    • I wonder if Lost has spoiled people somewhat for this sort of show; that is, we think if we get hooked on the mystery, it’s going to turn out to be a cheat again.

  3. I’m passing on it. The commercials felt more cheesy than mysterious.

    I also got the impression that the number of times the phrase “The Event” would be uttered per episode would be astoundingly high, to the point it would lose all meaning.

    That, and Danko (Zeljko Ivanek) is on it. Can’t stand that guy.

  4. I thought it was pretty good, but the one scene at the girlfriend’s parents house was getting pretty old the THIRD time we saw it. They are definitely trying to be lost like with all the time shifts, but they really overdid that one scene in particular.

    Prediction: The energy that sucked up the plane is a device being tested by the mysterious group held at that Alaska facility. I think they’re playing a part in both sides of the attempt on the president, which is only a red herring since they wanted it to happen to test their time sucking energy device, which passed the test. But the big event happens later when they use the time device to stop something really big from happening for better or for worse….. That’s just my guess for now.

    I really hope this show survives to get there, but I don’t have much hope. I’m still smarting over the cancellation of Invasion before they gave us all the answers….

  5. It looks interesting, but I really hate the “X time earlier…” nonsense. It’s a cheat to show the “exciting” stuff first to hook us and then fill in the “boring” stuff later and it ticks me off. I don’t mind seeing the same thing from multiple perspectives if it’s not overdone, but just tell the story and don’t jerk us around. On the other hand, they did manage to keep my curiosity going, so I’ll probably give it another shot at keeping me…

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