5 replies on “Smallville Discussion – Lazarus”

  1. I’m still not happy that Allison Mack decided she wanted to scale back from full-time. It may be interesting to see what happens, but I’ll still miss her being in every episode.

    The Lex clones were interesting, though if it was a one-off deal for tonight’s episode only, I’ll also be disappointed. I really wish Michael Rosenbaum would come back at least once this season. Kind of sad how the show gets stuck writing around actor’s choices and availability, a problem that comics and books don’t suffer from. :-)

    Not sure what to make of the end, and I suppose we’re left to assume that Ma Kent sent that package.

    • By “that package” I assume you meant the one with the suit she gave him in the finale of season 9? If so then yes it’s the same one she sent him before you just actually see the suit this time instead of the reflection in his eye. The ending is the writers way of stretching out his development to fill a whole season instead of just letting him put on the suit and move forward. Without some stupid frozen in ice suit then lois changing her mind every 5 minutes how could they make a 22 episode order out of it all?

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