Fringe Discussion: “The Box”

The tale begins with the discovery of an enigmatic box buried beneath the basement of a house.

We later learn that this year’s story arc will concern, at least in part, a treasure hunt for the hidden components of a Plot Device. We know where at least one other component is, since that component is Peter Bishop.

What did everyone think?

4 replies on “Fringe Discussion: “The Box””

  1. Fez says:

    While it might be interesting to find out why pieces are on both sides (on purpose? chance? things that were made on either side and just compiled into a single set of blueprints?) I get the feeling that it might drag out longer than just this season.

    I saw the contents of Bell’s will coming a mile away but it was still awesome. The possibilities are endless, but something tells me he’ll give it up.

    And still nobody has come up with a good name for the Evil Olivia that can roll off the tongue. Walternate is perfect. Evilia, Oliviain’t, none of them flow. :-)

    • sjaskow says:

      The people over at seem to like Faux-livia. And I think the official Fox version is Bolivia for Bad Olivia.

      And I’m getting impression from this season that Anna Torv is a much better actress that was evident for the first two years.

  2. Damien says:

    Anyone else feel that Walter revealing what the key gave him was reminiscent of Angel being given the reigns of Wolfram & Hart? It will be interesting to see what he could do with near limitless resources.

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