Buffy, Smallville premiers

Just a reminder that the seventh season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the second season of Smallville start on Tuesday, September 24. Be ready to catch them on UPN and the WB, and always remember to check your local listings.

2 replies on “Buffy, Smallville premiers”

  1. Yaba Daba Do!
    I am so excited that the new season of Buffy and Smallville are starting today that I actually remembered to set the VCR this morning … yes VCR. My DVR isn’t quite ready yet. 8P

    • Re: Yaba Daba Do!
      While I’m not recording, I had forgotten this was today. Now I’m so excited I may have to leave work early so I can get in some Baldur’s Gate II time before the shows :)

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