Return of Tron

codejnki writes, Over at the website are some pretty cool looking extras, including an interactive screen saver app. There are clues on the website to unlock features of the screen saver, and once you unlock the screen saver you can unlock more features on the website. I find it cool that they’ve some how managed to capture the essence of the original movie which I’m able to point to direcly as the reason I became a programmer in the first place. Cheers. The site seems to require that you have a PC or Mac with Shockwave Flash to use all of the features. That leaves me out, but I that’s no reason not to let you folk know about it.

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  1. I got less depressed after seeing the movie
    I was depressed for my programmer life at those days.
    But after seeing the movie my life made a switch!
    I now, think that with LINUX the story is really becoming
    a true one. Don’t you think?
    I am quite a newbie at LINUX but from the start my spirit
    has been returning. Some old friends and programing
    helpers seem that have stayed at the LINUX world and have
    survived all this nightmare of huge commercial suits of
    unfinished universes.
    I like Windows and the monsters but that is not my future
    nor the one of good programming and documentation…
    I understand your feelings, yes!

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